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Student FAQ Regarding COVID-19

March 2020

Texas Tech University School of Law has created a Student FAQ list to provide students with answers to questions presented by the Student Bar Association and other student leaders. Answers provided are in line with recommendations by the CDC and expectations set by Texas Tech University.

We recognize we may not have answered all your questions. The situation continues to evolve, and we will provide you with more information as soon as we can. As always, things are subject to change.

Texas Tech University School of Law is committed to the safety and welfare of our students. Those interests guide every decision we make.

The Office of the Dean invites input from students at

1. What is the new schedule for law classes?

Following Spring Break, all classes scheduled for the week of March 23 through 27 are cancelled. Beginning March 30, all classes will resume via online instruction for the rest of the semester ending on Thursday, April 30.

The School of Law will adhere to the regular academic calendar with the slight modification of adding 5 minutes to all classes.


2. Will exams and quizzes be given during the week of March 23 through 27?

No, exams, quizzes or assignments will not be administered during this time because classes are cancelled.


3. Will law students have to make up the week of March 23 through 27?

School of Law administration has consulted with the ABA, other law schools, and main campus to decide that the School of Law will not require make up classes. We are asking that each professor add 5 additional minutes to their classes in lieu of makeup classes.


4. How will final exams work?

The Exam Schedule has been revised and is now posted here:

The dates for which exams were previously scheduled have not been changed. Your exam will be available for download prior to the exam day. At or around 8amCST on the day of your exam, the Registrar’s Office (Janessa Walls or Kate St. Clair) will email you the password and any additional supplements for your exam. The password will allow you to open the exam. The exam ends at 7:59amCST the following day. You will not be able to close/finish the exam during the 24-hour limit and then reopen the exam. Additionally, once the exam is closed, it is automatically submitted.


5. Time: Will my exam be timed? Is the 24-hour window a window for completion of the exam with a particular time limit inside it?  For example, I could take my exam in any four-hour window within the larger 24-hour window. 

The exact time parameters for a particular exam will not be entered in ExamSoft to allow some flexibility for possible (and anticipated) tech issues.  You will have a full 24 hours to complete the exam from start to finish with instructions about how long the exam should take (ex. This exam should take 4 hours to complete). Professors may provide a word limit to help guide you.


6. Exam Conflicts: How do I know if I qualify for an exam move?

Students who have two exams scheduled on the same day may reschedule one of the exams to the next open day on their schedule, provided that they request rescheduling by the deadline announced by the Registrar’s office.


7. Exam Software:  Will I be able to access other materials on my computer while taking the exam?

Yes. ExamSoft will be “unsecured” which will allow you to access notes, documents, sources, etc. on your computer. You will not be blocked from using other applications on your computer during the exam time. The exam will be included as an attachment inside ExamSoft as a PDF document. You will have the option to print the exam if you choose.


8. ExamSoft Support: Where can I find resources about ExamSoft?

This link to the TTU School of Law IT ExamSoft page in MyTechLaw has information on the software, important links, download instructions, the laptop user agreement, and exam details. You will need to login using your TTU eraider username and password.

A complete guide for downloading, installing, registering and using Examplify can be found at this link. It is also referenced in the previous link. You will need to login using your TTU eraider username and password.

Here is a link to our ExamSoft supported TTU page. It contains minimum system requirements, guides, videos, Examplify download, a link back to our MyTechLaw page, and contact information. Credentials used to log into this page were emailed to you from ExamSoft or you can click the lost is or password link.


9. What if finals are administered online and my exam is interrupted due to technical difficulties?

Law Computer Support will be available to provide solutions for various technical issues during the exam period. Information on troubleshooting common issues will be sent to students in advance of the final exam period.


10. What if I receive accommodations per Student Disability Services?

All exams will be administered over a 24-hour period to ensure that students with accommodations have the necessary time to complete the exam. For specific questions, please contact Dean Chapman at or 806-334-1253.


11. Will grading continue as normal?

In concert with main campus, the Law School has adopted a new grading policy for this semester which allows students an option for credit/no credit grades in place of letter grades.

This approach emphasizes individual choice and flexibility. Each individual student may choose credit/no credit grades for each individual course after having had the opportunity to see his or her assigned letter grades. Under this policy, student have the option to select the grade of “credit” in place of passing grades (letter grades ranging from A through D) and the grade of “not credit” in place of failing grades (letters grades of F). Credit and no credit grades will have no impact on a student’s Law School GPA.

Class ranks will be released this spring based on the cumulative GPA of students after students elect credit/no credit grades for Spring 2020. And again, as noted, credit and no credit grades will have no impact on a student’s Law School GPA and therefore will not operate to lower a student’s class rank.

More information on grade options and class ranks can be found in our written temporary policy here.

With the unanimous support of the Academic Standards Committee, the Law School has fashioned compassionate temporary rules on academic standards to support our students during these unprecedented circumstances and also to meet all requirements set by the ABA.

Those rules can be found here in our temporary policy on Academic Standards.


12. Will my online classes be at a different time?

The vast majority of online classes will be held during your normally scheduled class time. Please also follow the instructions of your professors.


13. I am worried about the move to online classes. What if I don’t have a laptop or an adequate working laptop?

If you need a laptop or other equipment (headset, webcam, etc.), please contact Dean Sofia Chapman immediately at or via cell at 806-334-1253. All students that have contacted Dean Chapman have been provided with laptops or other hardware, as needed.


14. What if I do not have access to the internet?

Please contact Dean Chapman immediately at or via cell at 806-334-1253.

The Richardson ISD website also recommends exploring these free or reduced-cost internet opportunities from area providers:


15. How will my experiential course work online?

Faculty will ensure that experiential course objectives are met and appropriate experiential credits are earned by students.


16. How will my clinical course work online?

Clinical faculty will ensure that clinical course objectives are met and appropriate experiential credits are earned by students. Your clinical professor will provide you information about the transition of clinical courses online.


17. Will tutoring continue online?

Faculty are working with tutors to ensure that instructional needs are met.


18. What if I have technical difficulties during an online class?

School of Law administration and faculty are aware this can be an issue and will be prepared with flexible solutions that support the best interests of our students. The Law Library, Main Campus IT and the School of Law’s IT Departments are working on ways to provide technical support during the transition to online classes.


19. Is the law building open to students?

Effective at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, the Law Building will close as part of the University’s move to Phase IV of its response to the COVID—19 pandemic. Law School operations will continue online and remotely.


20. What is happening with May 2020 graduation?

The Law School plans to hold both a virtual commencement on May 23 and a face-to-face commencement at a later date to be determined.

Following the University’s lead, the Law School will hold a virtual program on May 23, 2020. In the coming weeks, we will send additional details on the virtual ceremony.

We recognize that a virtual experience is not a substitute for the traditional face-to-face ceremony and plan to provide an opportunity for May 2020 graduates to participate in a future face-to-face commencement ceremony when it is safe to do so. Regalia will be available for rental through Barnes & Noble for this commencement ceremony.

We will award degrees to all students who complete the necessary coursework and requirements for May 2020 graduation and diplomas will be mailed to all graduates.

We will share additional details about the future face-to-face commencement ceremony when more information becomes available.


21. What mental health and wellness resources are available for students?

Dean Chapman has created a “Mental Health Wellness Toolkit” that will be available on the School of Law’s homepage. If you are in crisis, please call 911 immediately.


22. What if I need assistance with food, medicine, etc.?

Please contact Dean Chapman at or via cell at 806-334-1253.


23. How can students complete their public service requirements?

Elma Moreno will provide information about the public service requirements. For more information, please contact her at


24. Will the 1L Moot Court competition continue, and will I have an opportunity to try out for next year’s advocacy teams?

Professor Rob Sherwin will continue to provide information about the 1L Moot Court competition and tryouts for next year’s advocacy teams.


25. Will jobs accepted for this summer be affected?

At this time, no job cancellations have been received from employers. If that changes, the Office of Career & Professional Development will update students who are affected.


26. Will On-Campus Interviews (OCI) be affected?

March OCI interviews have been rescheduled for video/teleconference meetings, and students have been notified. As for Fall OCI (beginning August 5, 2020), employer registrations continue. The Fall Forecast Workshop will be recorded for release in April. Please direct specific questions to Paula Smith at or Kayla Wimberley at


27. Are student organizations allowed to host extracurricular activities involving students?

No, all extracurricular events are cancelled, postponed indefinitely, or have shifted online.


28. What if I purchased a dinner or other activity package at the public interest auction? Can I still participate in this event or can I get a refund?

Please first contact the party hosting the activity directly to inquire about coordinating the activity. If you need further assistance, please contact Professor Brie Sherwin at


29. What if I am on academic probation and am worried about my grades?

Professor Chelsea Baldwin, Director of Academic Support Programs, will continue to provide services to all students on probation. The Texas Tech University School of Law is committed to ensuring academic success for all students. Please contact Professor Baldwin at


30. Will I be reimbursed for graduation regalia?

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore can do refunds over the phone for regalia:

  1. All students will have until May 1, 2020 to reach out to the Bookstore email at and provide their phone number. The student will then receive a call with more information on returning purchased regalia and receiving a refund.  If the Bookstore store reopens before May 1, then students can call the store at 806.742.3816.
  2. The regalia does need to be unworn to be returned.  Unfortunately, if it was worn for pictures, it can’t be returned for a refund.
  3. There were several law students who purchased custom hoods.  The Bookstore will begin to reach out to those students to get the custom hoods shipped to them.


Barnes & Noble will provide a rental option for the future face-to-face commencement ceremony that will be planned for May 2020 graduates.


31. Will the Bar Prep program continue?

Yes, Professor Cassie Christopher, Associate Dean for Bar Success, will continue to provide bar prep services to students. For more information, please contact Professor Christopher at


32. Will Law Library services continue?

The Law Library has created a guide for remote access to library services. Please refer to the guide for updates.


33. Should I be worried about ABA standards and accreditation requirements?

No, the School of Law administration will ensure that all standards continue to be met.


34. When will we register for summer courses, as well as next fall and spring?

Registration for summer, fall, and spring courses begins on Monday, April 20. For more information and updates, please refer to the School of Law’s Registrar’s Office.


35. Will summer courses also be online?

Consistent with main campus, all courses listed for registration in Summer 2020 for the Law School will be offered online.

Courses currently listed with a meeting day and time will be synchronous (“live”) online, meeting on the days and times noted for class. Courses listed without a day and time will offer asynchronous learning, which means there is no set classroom time and students will engage in self-paced learning.

If you have any questions about Summer 2020 courses, please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Dean Janessa Walls at


36. Will the July bar exam be affected?

For updates, please see the following resources:


Last updated on April 16, 2020 at 4:40 p.m.

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