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Texas Tech Law honors law students published in 2019

May 2019

The Law School hosted a reception for all Tech law students published in 2019 on Wednesday, April 10 in the Collaborative Commons. Faculty and staff joined together to celebrate their accomplishment with a champagne toast and cake. Here is a list of the students honored at the reception:

Catherine Baldo
To Deduct or Not to Deduct: That is the Question: The Impact of § 162(q) of the Tax
Cuts and Jobs Act in Texas in the Wake of the #MeToo Movement
Texas Tech Law Review

Brooke Bohlen
Make America Transparent Again: Reevaluating the Official Acknowledgement
Doctrine of the Freedom of Information Act for the Modern Presidency
Gonzaga Law Review

Taylor Calvert
You Are Kneeling, But I Am Not: Intentional Detrimental Conduct in an Employment
Setting and Its Effect on the Distribution of the Community Estate
Estate Planning & Community Property Journal

Jeffrey Delman
Thinking Outside the Bus: Revitalizing the Role of a Teacher’s Standard of Care
During After-School Hours
Texas Tech Law Review

Jacob Dow
To Drill or Not To Drill: Does a Lessee Truly Have to Drill a Well to Satisfy the
Habendum Clause of an Oil and Gas Lease?
Texas Tech Law Review

Angela Estrada
Fade to Black: Texas’s Do-Not-Resuscitate Law
Texas Tech Law Review

Stephen Grant
Virginia Tax Journal

Hailey Hanners
Who Wants the Ward? The State’s Role in Adult Guardianship Proceedings
Estate Planning & Community Property Journal

Brandon Ihle
The Infancy Doctrine: An Epic Departure
Texas Tech Law Review

Javon Johnson
An Epidemic of Workplace Sexual Misconduct: The Birth of the Weinstein Clause in
Merger and Acquisition Agreements
Texas Tech Law Review

Clinton Jones
Cadaveric Confusion: Conflicts Between Whole Body Donation and Family Wishes
Estate Planning & Community Property Journal

Scott Keffer
Too Big to Surveil: The Fourth Amendment Illuminated by ‘Modern Lights’ &
Shadowed by Obsta Principiis in a Post-Carpenter World Concerned With Privacy
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Journal of Information and Communications Technology Law

Robert Montgomery
Water to Wind: The Path to Texas Groundwater Law Provides to Sever the Wind
Estate and Prioritize Mutually Dominant Estates
Texas Environmental Law Journal

Elliott O’Day
To Throw a Hail Mary: How Debtors Abuse § 1129(a)(3) and What Courts Can Do To
Stop It, St. Thomas University School of Law
Journal of Complex Litigation

Tylynn Payne
In (Not So) Deep Water: The Texas—New Mexico Water War and the Unworkable
Provisions of the Rio Grande Compact
Texas Tech Law Review

Katherine Peters
Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion

Michael Rinehart
Thy Will Be Done: The Effect of Vows of Poverty on the Inheritance Rights of
Members of Religious Groups
Estate Planning & Community Property Journal

Alana Rosen
High Time for Marijuana Expungement
Collateral Consequences Resource Center

Jake Stribling
In Texas We Trust: The Need to Bring Domestic Asset Protection Trusts to Texas
Estate Planning & Community Property Journal

Keltin VonGonten
Big Bad Wolf Edward Snowden v. NSA’s Cottage: How Whistle-Blowers Remain
Vulnerable and Neglected by the Federal Government
Creighton International & Comparative Law Journal

Brianna Weis
Meaningful Opportunity for Release: Parole Board Standards for Juveniles Under
Graham, Miller, and the Eighth Amendment
Texas Tech Law Review

Hilary Wilkerson
Special Needs, Special Solutions: Using Title II of the ADA and Behavioral Supports to
Protect Students with Disabilities from Arrest
NYU Review of Law and Social Change

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