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Texas Tech law students participate in Bookshelves in Courtrooms

May 2019

Thanks to the generosity of first-year students who are in Associate Dean Wendy-Adele Humphrey’s section of Legal Practice, children who find themselves in the Lubbock County Courthouse will have something to occupy their time. As a former board member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, Dean Humphrey keeps track of the amazing service projects that TYLA plans each year. TYLA’s Bookshelves in Courtrooms is one such project, and it facilitates the availability of children’s books in courthouses around Texas. “As soon as I mentioned this TYLA project to my students, they enthusiastically agreed to take it on as a public service project for the Lubbock community,” Humphrey said.

Students in Legal Practice class were involved in every phase of the planning and implementation of the Bookshelves in Courtrooms project, from purchasing the bookshelf to conducting a book drive at the law school. And alumnae Judge Ann-Marie Carruth ’06 quickly agreed to house the stocked bookshelf in her County Court at Law #3 hallway. As the sign on the bookshelf states, children are encouraged to read a book, or even take a book home with them.

The bookshelf was officially dedicated at the Lubbock County Courthouse on April 15, with Dean Jack Nowlin in attendance. Anyone wishing to support this project may arrange to donate new or gently used books by contacting Associate Dean Humphrey at

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