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Mark Lanier - Huffman Lecture Series

Mark Lanier (’84) 2018 Huffman Distinguished Lecturer

November 2018

The Texas Tech Law Review welcomed Mark Lanier (’84), Founding Partner of the Lanier Law Firm, as its 2018 Huffman Distinguished Lecturer. The lecture series was established in 2010 to honor Walter B. Huffman (’77), Dean Emeritus of Texas Tech University School of Law, past Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tech Law Review, and a retired Major General of the United States Army.

Beginning the presentation by reciting the pledge of allegiance, Lanier discussed the obligation of lawyers to pursue the American concept of “justice for all.”

“The challenge for us is through diligence, hard work and good ethics to pursue ‘justice for all,’” said Lanier. He then walked through difference examples of the power that diligence, hard work, and good ethics can have in the pursuit of “the constitutional concept that we all hold dear of all people being created equally and being endowed with certain inalienable rights.”

In closing, Lanier encouraged everyone to follow Deuteronomy’s instructions for judges: “Judge righteously between a man and his brother or the alien who is with him, not partial in judgement. Hear the small and the great alike. You shall not be intimidated by anyone.’”

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