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August 2017


Professor Gerry W. Beyer published a newsletter. Gerry W. Beyer, Estate Planning Highlights of the 2017 Texas Legislature, Est. Plan. Dev. for Tex. Prof., July 2017, at 1. The article reviews the highlights of the legislation enacted by the 2017 Texas Legislature relating to the Texas law of intestacy, wills, estate administration trusts, and other estate planning matters.

Professor Gerry W. Beyer’s new book was released. Gerry W. Beyer, Texas Estate Planning Statutes With Commentary (2017-2019 ed.). Texas Estate Planning Statutes with Commentary: 2017-2019 Edition is a compilation of Texas statutes that are significant to law school and paralegal courses related to estate planning, such as wills and estates, trusts, estate administration, probate, elder law, and guardianship. Changes made by the 2017 Texas Legislature are printed in red-lined format to make the revisions easy for the reader to locate. Many sections include carefully written commentary entitled Statutes in Context. These annotations provide background information, explanations, examples, and citations to key cases, which will assist the reader in identifying the significance of the statutes and how they operate. The book is current the “#1 New Release” on in the Estates & Trusts Law category.  See

Assistant Dean Amy Jarmon was published on the ABA Before the Bar Blog.



On August 25, 2017, Professor Gerry W. Beyer was in San Antonio to speak for the Texas College of Probate Judges at its 2017 Annual Meeting. His presentation and accompanying article were entitled Recent Cases: Intestacy, Wills, Probate, and Trusts.

On July 26, Professor Wendy Ross presented at the 16th World Conference of the International Society of Family Law at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Her presentations was entitled Empowering the Dead-Broke Parent: An International Perspective.



Professor Alyson Outenreath was appointed by the State Bar of Texas Tax Section to serve on the Council as one of three law school faculty representatives.


In the Media:

Professor Gerry W. Beyer was quoted in an article on pet trusts. Lisa Blanck, Pet Trusts: Planning for Your Pet’s Future, (Aug. 21, 2017), available at

Professors Charles Bubany and Tracy Hresko Pearl were quoted in a Daily Toreador article on Texas House Bill 62.

Associate Dean Wendy-Adele Humphrey was quoted in a Daily Toreador article on the Women’s & Gender Studies department.

Horn Professor Brian Shannon was quoted in a press release by the National Football Foundation (NFF) & College Hall of Fame about a list of 971 student-athletes who will be playing college football this fall while pursuing second diplomas.



Professor Gerry W. Beyer was both acknowledged and cited in Taylor Phillip Willingham & Carla Ann Alston, Why Should I Care? I’ll Be Dead 5, 73 (2017) (e.g., “Gerry Beyer for having a passion of estate planning that was contagious”; “My law professor, Gerry Beyer, who inspired me to become an estate planning attorney, said, ‘Being an executor is like doing drugs, just say no!’”). Taylor P. Willingham is a 2009 graduate of Texas Tech Law.

Professor Gerry W. Beyer has four articles simultaneously on SSRN’s Top Ten recent download list for the Wills, Trusts, & Estates Law eJournal.       

Professor Tracy Hresko Pearl was in the top 10% of Authors on SSRN by total new downloads in the last 12 months.


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