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Alumni Spotlight: Charles Carver ’14

March 2017

C. W. Carver

Charles Carver (’14) hung the shingle for his law practice—The Law Office of C.W. Carver PLLC—in an Airstream trailer in East Austin. He found the trailer in South Texas, where it had been used as a deer blind. After three months of refurbishing the inside, Carver works from his Airstream as a sole general practitioner, helping clients with everything from civil to criminal matters. The thing he loves about the trailer most is having street access to people. If they knock on the door, he will answer it!


1. How did your experience at Texas Tech Law contribute to your success?

Engaging in extracurricular activities had real world applications, especially mock trial.


2. What is your favorite memory from your time at Tech Law, and why?

Professor Weninger ran a very fun evidence and trial practice class over the summer, and in one of the big “cases” we had to act as prosecution and defense for a hypothetical murder that happened at Tom’s Daiquiri Place. We then went to Tom’s Daiquiri Place with Professor Weninger to “observe the scene of the crime.”


My summer semester in Guanajuato, Mexico.


3. What activities did you enjoy when you were at Tech Law, and do you keep in touch with any classmates?

Presenting at the “Biodefense, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Symposium” was a memorable moment.


I keep in touch with many of the people from my graduating class, both throughout the country and here in Austin. I have met a large number of Tech Alumni from graduating classes going back to the foundation of the school.


4. What is your proudest professional accomplishment to date?

I had a case where an abused spouse was being hailed to court in Texas by her abuser and was able to appeal an initial decision and have the case in Texas dismissed. Her relief and securing her safety was definitely my proudest moment to date.


5. What activities do you enjoy in your free time?

I have been restoring antique Vespas for years and have recently begun a race team and building a bike that we hope to enroll in the 2018 season of the Texas Mini GP.


6. Tell us about some of the professional organizations you are involved in.

I am a member of the Texas Bar College.


7. Tell us about some of the charitable organizations you are involved in.

I have done a number of Pro Bono projects and am beginning to work with East Austin mercantile groups and residents in helping them develop their businesses and file with the courts.

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