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Alumni Spotlight: Alexandria Zant (’99)

February 2017

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Alexandria Zant (’99) is known throughout El Paso and its surrounding communities for operating a mobile law office, making house calls to her clients. Zant focuses her practice on auto accidents, injuries at businesses, daycare injuries and workplace injuries.


1. What inspired the mobile law office?

In late 2014, I was thinking about ways to set my newly opening practice apart, while also assisting my personal injury clients, who often have had their only family vehicle wrecked, or just don’t feel well enough for a trip to the lawyer’s office. I was thinking about how potential clients who had been recently injured might not feel up to cleaning for my visit or feel embarrassed if they hadn’t recently cleaned, so I thought, “Why not bring an entire office to them?” and offered to visit potential clients at their homes. I purchased a fuel-efficient car (an Electric/Hybrid Ford C-Max) and a little Tab trailer, equipped with a clean “conference” table and all the items I need, including the ability to project my contract onto the TV screen so the print is much larger than on paper. It’s been very popular especially for elderly clients and folks who live far away from my downtown brick-and-mortar office.


2. How did your experience at Texas Tech Law contribute to your success?

I’ve always felt that two of the great things about Texas Tech School of Law was that it offers a very practical, real-life approach to practicing law that gives students the confidence to start practicing right away, and also that there seemed to be a good measure of focus on helping people (clients and community both). These approaches definitely have helped start and keep my own practice going.


3. What is your favorite memory from your time at Tech Law, and why?

I participated in only one mock trial, and had rounded up some non-lawyer friends to act as witnesses. A few friends took their role as witness very seriously and even added fake accents (and I believe one friend added a facial tick). I had to try very hard not to laugh, but it instantly dispelled any nervousness I had and reminded me not to take myself or the competition too seriously. Pretty sure my partner and I lost the first round, but it made for a great memory.


4. What activities did you enjoy when you were at Tech Law, and do you keep in touch with any classmates?

I enjoyed the various opportunities to socialize with professors and the dean outside of classes, which made them feel more accessible and less intimidating. Sadly, I have not kept in touch with any classmates, but I definitely know which lawyers in El Paso are Tech alumni and enjoy discussing law school days and current Tech Law happenings with my fellow alumni here in El Paso.


5. What is your proudest professional accomplishment to date?

I don’t really have a proudest accomplishment, but one moment in my career where I felt proudest to be a lawyer was when I was hired for one particular wrongful death case where the heirs were three very young adult children of the deceased (teens and early 20s). The deceased had no other older adult family and the children had no idea how to arrange a funeral or write/publish an obituary. I assisted them with both. Because it was in Colorado and I wasn’t a friend or relative, I wasn’t planning on attending the funeral until the youngest child said, “Well, you are going to be at the funeral, aren’t you?” Of course I attended. None of the children had ever even been to a funeral and were standing around afterward, looking very uncertain of what to do next. I offered, “It’s traditional to go somewhere to eat after a funeral, did your father have a favorite restaurant?” Off to Applebee’s we went. I felt very proud to be a knowledgeable figure to help in the client’s time of need, not just with the case.


6. What activities do you enjoy in your free time?

Mostly I’m running around trying to keep up with four children, (ages 16, 6, 3 and 7 months). Organizing a family group activity and also trying to give each child some one-on-one time pretty much takes up all the evenings and weekends. However, the little ones’ enjoyment and wonder at the simple things in life (like running in the grass and picking daisies) really keeps me grounded.


7. Tell us about some of the professional organizations you are involved in.

I am currently the President of the El Paso County Trial Lawyers Association for 2017, so obviously most involved in that. I am also a member of the El Paso Women’s Bar Association and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, where I serve on the Membership Committee.


8. Tell us about some of the charitable organizations you are involved in.

I co-chaired a fundraiser event in 2015 for the El Paso Charitable Legal Foundation, which, among other things, provides college scholarships to students who have graduated from the Sandra Day O’Connor Academy in El Paso. We hosted a Casino Night and Silent Auction, which was very well received by lawyers and Judges alike.

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