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Why I Give: Suzan Fenner (’72)

February 2017

Suzan Fenner Headshot

Suzan Fenner started her legal education in the former barracks buildings from Sheppard Field Air Force base that temporarily housed the Law School. “I knew little about thinking like a lawyer and I had no real idea what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up,’” Fenner recalls. But “the outstanding education I had at Texas Tech Law made it possible for me to be a success in my future life, both in practice and in my outside activities.”

“Through my classes at the Law School, I learned how to think critically, to analyze facts and to apply the principles I learned to determine the best result,” Fenner said. She also learned how to overcome other challenges,  remembering “[t]he day one of the professors who refused to call on the women students—yes, he didn’t think we belonged there—called on me. There was an audible gasp in the class. Luckily, I was prepared and didn’t embarrass myself. I think that after having him for three classes and getting one of the top grades in each of them, he finally decided that maybe we belonged after all.”

Much has changed, fortunately, since those early years, but what has not changed is the quality of the education one receives at Texas Tech Law. And Fenner has been committed to ensuring that never changes. “From the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to give back as a way of saying thanks for the wonderful education I received. At first my contributions were modest, but I knew that even my small contributions could make a difference.”

Over the years, her contributions have grown. Fenner makes annual gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Fund, has endowed a scholarship, and has included the Law School in her estate plan. She also volunteers her time and talent serving on the Board of Trustees of the Texas Tech Law School Foundation.

“To keep the wonderful professors and attract new ones, the law school needs additional resources. To attract students and help them to complete their education without amassing huge debt that will take years to repay, the law school must be able to offer significant scholarships. That is only possible through all of our gifts.” That is why she gives.

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