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Why I Give: Charles Dunn (’80)

July 2016

Charles Dunn

Charles Dunn is no stranger to putting up a fight. While a law student, Dunn took home second place at Lubbock’s very own boxing match, Fight Night, after some encouragement from his peers. Dunn’s refusal to allow a financial-aid issue stand in his way of completing law school also demonstrated his toughness and grit.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Dunn set off for Pepperdine School of Law and successfully completed his first year. But his plans hit a snag leading into his second year when he couldn’t secure a loan to cover his tuition. Fortunately, Dunn’s college roommate, Anderson Carter (’80), was a student at Texas Tech Law and told Dunn about Tech Law’s affordability.

“Anderson said he would call the Dean of Admissions, Annette Marple, and ask her if Tech Law had any transfer spots available,” Dunn said. “Dean Marple called me several days later and told me they had two slots available and to send my first-year transcript to her. I sent the transcript and she accepted me as a transfer student. Without the efforts of Dean Marple and Andy Carter, I would not have been able to finish my legal education.”

Helping to keep Tech Law affordable for students led Dunn to give back. This summer, he made a planned gift commitment, leaving the law school a significant portion of his estate.

“In this age of reduced spending on higher education by the Texas Legislature, it is important that alumni donate to the school so that Tech Law can continue to keep tuition affordable for students like me who do not have the financial resources to go to school without assistance,” Dunn said.

Once arriving on the Texas Tech campus, Dunn made the most of his opportunity. “Chunking Charlie” Dunn, the nickname he earned during the Fight Night, also  took his battle to the mock-trial and moot-court arenas. The practical skills he learned, along with his competitive spirit, eventually led to a career as a personal-injury attorney.

“Tech Law taught me the skills necessary to enter the legal profession.” Dunn noted. “Being an attorney defines me as a person because it is the only career I have ever had. It has given me the ability to support my family and the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you make a difference in the lives of your clients.”

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